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Serving the Greater Richmond Area and surrounding counties


Anne Marie practicing YogaHow can onsite yoga classes help you?

Yoga On Location offers a low -impact body-mind exercise that:

  • improves strength and flexibility,
  • improves mental clarity
  • Reduces mental / physical stress
  • Energizes your whole body
  • Increases productivity and improves morale in the workplace-or anyplace!


Employee Benefits

Employer Benefits:

Relieves stress & reduces tension

Increases productivity

Develops flexibility & strength

Increases employee mental acuity

Increases self confidence

Increases employee satisfaction

Improves posture & spinal alignment

Promotes team building

Reduces lower back pain

Improves morale

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Creates a healthier workforce


  For price inquiry and more information on how to bring Yoga on Location to your group or individual setting please call or email Ann Marie at:

Ann Marie Lewis v Email v 804-536-5869

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